My Mission

As a sober woman for the last 16 years my mission is simple. Help people everywhere on their sober journey. Maybe that's for a night, 9 months, or the rest of your life. It doesn't matter. There's no judgment here, just support. I’ve got your back.


I’m all about celebrating life's special moments - big and small. 

I get it. I really get it.  Not drinking is hard. It sucks to feel like you're missing out. I've been there. For over 16 years I've pounded cran and soda at girls’ night. I toasted sparkling apple cider at my own wedding. And, let's be honest, it gets old. I created these delicious wines so people everywhere could have an adult option that was as close to the real thing as possible. Our non-alcoholic wines taste, feel and look like real wine. So if you want to live life happy, joyous and alcohol-free, then Jøyus is perfect for you.

Jøyus is proud to be a WOB (woman owned business.)
Jøyus non-alcoholic wines contain less than 0.5 alcohol by volume.