Say I Do to Non-Alcoholic Wine at Your Wedding

It’s time to consider serving non-alcoholic wine at your wedding.

Whether you’re sober yourself, or some of your guests are, offering adults non-alcoholic drinks beyond sprite and diet soda (come on!) is also a great way to make your wedding more inclusive and accommodating for all guests.

Love this way sign on the beach for a wedding

You may have guests who are pregnant, recovering from addiction, dealing with health problems, or simply don’t drink alcohol. Whatever the reason, offering non-alcoholic wedding drinks is a kind and considerate gesture that will make your guests feel welcome and appreciated.

Bride dancing at wedding

And towards the end of the night, when things start to get a little rowdy, non-alcoholic wine can be a great option for guests who want to keep sipping without getting more tipsy and can help make sure no one drives home drunk.

Four bottles of Joyus non-alcoholic wine Cabernet Sauvignon Sparkling Rosé Rosé Sparkling Wine

Jøyus has the perfect non-alcoholic wine options to make your wedding shine. Whether you want a sophisticated sparkling for the best man’s speech, or a flavorful red to go with the beef entree, Jøyus has got you covered.

We know weddings aren’t cheap, so contact us directly at weddings for a special deal for your special day.

Congrats on your celebrations!