The Manual: These fantastic non-alcoholic wines are getting me through Dry January

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Where zero-proof is concerned, wine has always lagged a bit. Often, the non-alcoholic stuff tastes like little more than grape juice. Meanwhile, there are non-alcoholic beers and great mocktail recipes that do a bang-up job representing their boozy counterparts.

How come? Perhaps it’s the patience and complexity that goes into a good bottle of wine, something hard to mimic in the hooch-free realm. Perhaps it just hasn’t been taken too seriously. Whatever the reason, we are happy to report that the tide is changing.

Four Bottles of Jøyus Sparkling Wine on a light grey background

Thanks to some pretty amazing tech and a market that’s thirstier than ever for alcohol-free adult beverages, there are some emerging players turning out something worth swirling and sniffing. Admittedly, the reds are still a bit behind the 8-ball, but the pinks, sparkling, and whites are really coming into their own these days.

The NA wines of Jøyus have won some significant critical acclaim and are fun, refreshing, and satisfying. Started by a woman tired of toasting with sparkling apple cider, the brand offers some festive wines with mass appeal, made primarily from California fruit.


Read the full article by Mark Stock at The Manual here: LINK