Sober Shoutout: Jøyus Founder Jess!

This National Recovery Month we're celebrating people living their best lives in sobriety. 

Joyus founder Jessica Selander holding two champagne flutes of Jøyus non-alcoholic wine

Meet Jess Selander Jøyus Sober Shoutout (and our founder!)

Shout out to Jess, Jøyus’ incredible founder on her 18 years of sobriety! A reminder to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. A sober life is a truly fulfilling one! 

What made you decide to get sober? 

Alcohol wasn't working for me in my life. I started crossing a lot of my own boundaries...Alcohol was turning me into a person I didn't recognize and didn't like being.

How long have you been sober?

18 years as of today!

What’s the best thing about being sober?

I'm 100% myself all the time! Which is also the hardest part about being sober. I have to live my life with more accountability because there's no way to numb my thoughts or feelings.

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What makes being sober easier?

Whether you have 5 days or 5 years, a lot of the answers are the same. Having tools that work for you. A community that you can talk to and be honest with. Sobriety isn't something that you can white knuckle through long-term. It requires change.

Jessica Selander Joyus non-alcoholic wine founder on a red carpet at the Top Shelf awards with holding an award for Best Nonalcoholic Wine

How do you help or involve yourself in the sober community?

I've always kept a close sober community and made myself available to people who are new to sobriety. But it was also very private. ie; not "out" at work or social media. Jøyus changed all that. As a pretty private person it's been a journey to be so out online. But I also think it's valuable to show people long-term sobriety is possible. Whoever you are, whatever you're into, however old you are—there's someone else just like you that's choosing sobriety today.

What do you wish was more available to the sober community?

Everything...I wish there were more events that didn't involve alcohol or at least had a real and equal adult non-alcoholic option. (I'm looking at you sip and paint events!) I wish non-alcoholic options were available at  restaurants. I just want to be able to go out and be treated and feel like everyone else.

What’s one piece of advice for others that have just started their recovery journey?

Give yourself some grace and kindness. What you're doing isn't easy. Take it one hour, one day at time. Give yourself room to grow and evolve and just do what's going to get you through today. Tomorrow will come no matter what you do. Don't worry about tomorrow.


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