Sober Shoutout: Jess the Ripper

This National Recovery Month we're celebrating people living their best lives in sobriety. 

Jess The Ripper, Portland Oregon DJ spinning at an event

Meet Jess the Ripper our Jøyus Sober Shoutout:

He's not only a badass DJ in Portland, Oregon but is also a strong pillar in the sober community. His journey to sobriety is a testament to resilience and determination.

Dive deeper into Jess' incredible story in his Q&A below:

What made you decide to get sober? 

As a young DJ, I grew up in the club setting, and drinking was a part of my identity. However, after an astrology reading, I was told that quitting alcohol was key to unlocking my full potential and gifts. It took years of trying, but right before my 30th birthday, I told myself, 'Jess, this is your year. You can do it.' I got sober a month before turning 30, and I haven't looked back since.

How long have you been sober?

A little over 1200 days! 

What’s the best thing about being sober?

The best thing about sobriety? Reliability. I can count on myself, and others can count on me. I feel valued as a sober human making sound decisions and living my best life, free from alcohol's control.

Jess the Ripper standing at railing at the beach with grass and then the ocean in the background.

What’s the hardest thing about being sober?

Experiencing the disappointment that comes with events designed around drinking. I don’t like being witness to the toll that alcohol takes on humans in real time.

What makes being sober easier?

NA beverage options! Ordering an NA beer at a restaurant with dinner. It’s the best feeling to be seen and expose non-sober + sober curious folks to a different perspective.

How do you help or involve yourself in the sober community?

Since becoming sober, so many sober people have come into my life.The sober community drives change. We do what many believe is impossible to do. We challenge ourselves to be better. And I think ultimately, we all know that community is beautiful and it’s how a lot of us get through.

Jess the Ripper selfie with the city in the background.

What do you wish was more available to the sober community?

I wish that NA beverages were less expensive.

What’s one piece of advice for others that have just started their recovery journey?

Try journaling your sobriety. Embrace the gift of sobriety, feel, and express it all. It's a process of unlearning, learning, and self-discovery. Be your true self.


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