Sober Shoutout: Coaster

Can you be sober and live a life beyond your wildest dreams? The answer is YES! And all National Recovery Month we'll show you the proof.

Coaster performing on stage in front of a crowd

Meet COASTER our first ever Jøyus Sober Shoutout:

COASTER is a national touring Hip Hop artist hailing from our home state of Washington. (#locallove) He works incredibly hard pursuing his dream but he doesn't stop there. He's also a motivational speaker and shares his story at events and schools. (Teachers + Principals send him a message about speaking at your school!!)

Read more about the inspiring and all around awesome COASTER:

What made you decide to get sober? 

When I was twenty-one, I nearly killed myself in a drinking and driving accident. I drove head on into a tree during a blackout.

How long have you been sober?

8 ½ years

Coaster performing in front of a crowd outdoors

What’s the best thing about being sober?

There are a ton of great things about being sober, but the most rewarding part of my sobriety journey (combined with my music) is how many different lives I get to touch. Impacting people in such a positive and personal way is the most humbling thing about what I do.

What’s the hardest thing about being sober?

The hardest thing about being sober is experiencing such a wide range of human emotions and learning how to process those emotions in a healthy way.

Coaster looking out a window in a hotel room, crowd at the street level below.

What makes being sober easier?

Not remembering what a hangover feels like! Especially when I'm touring or on the road.

How do you help or involve yourself in the sober community?

I perform at shows and festivals throughout the country, and I also do motivational speaking at schools and sobriety events. The cool thing about being a hip-hop artist is that my reach isn't necessarily limited to just the sober community.

Coaster Speaking at a local highschool. He's has a mic in his hand and is talking to a crown of teenagers in the gymnasium.

What do you wish was more available to the sober community?

More sober focused events! Events with lineups that are made up of sober acts or events that only feature and promote non-alcoholic products.

What’s one piece of advice for others that have just started their recovery journey?

Sobriety is a journey and not a destination. Take it one day at a time!

Coaster cheersing with a glass of Joyus non-alcoholic wine 

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