Sober Shoutout: Chris Marshall

This National Recovery Month we're celebrating people living their best lives in sobriety. 

Chris Marshall founder of Sans Bar in Texas stands at a railing outdoors leaning on the railing and looking at a local river.

Meet Chris Marshall our Jøyus Sober Shoutout:

Everyone knows Chris Marshall, but have you heard his story? The owner of the first ever sober bar in the country, he’s this week’s Jøyus Sober Shoutout! Chris is all around awesome, kind and inspiring person who also builds NA community through the Sans Bar Academy and national Sans Bar pop-ups 👏 

Check out Chris' Q&A below and get inspired!:

What made you decide to get sober? 

I was really lonely. Alcohol slowly took all my meaningful relationships away until I was isolated and desperate for connection.

How long have you been sober?

Sober for 16.5 years

What’s the best thing about being sober?

The best thing about being sober is that I have the freedom to do whatever I want to. Alcohol kept my dreams really small, now I’m able to follow my passions and build businesses that I’m proud of.

What’s the hardest thing about being sober?

The hardest thing about being sober is that people may not understand why I choose not to consume alcohol. I find that sober people have to spend way too much time explaining why they are not consuming actual poison

What makes being sober easier?

Being sober is much easier because I’m able to give myself grace and compassion in a way that I wasn't able to before. I’m also a recovering perfectionist, so it’s vital for me to be gentle with myself.
Chris Marshall founder of Sans Bar in Texas facing and smiling at the camera


How do you help or involve yourself in the sober community?

As a counselor and as owner of an alcohol free bar, I’ve witnessed thousands of people stop drinking and I would say that community is the best determinant for sustained abstinence from alcohol. I’m grateful to belong to a great sober community called The Luckiest Club that hosts virtual meetings

What do you wish was more available to the sober community?

I wish there were smaller gatherings. I think the big parties in swanky venues look super cool on social media, but the real deep connections happen in quiet parks and chill gatherings.

Chris Marshall founder of Sans Bar mixing up a non-alcoholic cocktail mocktail

What’s one piece of advice for others that have just started their recovery journey?

Have Fun!! Seriously, just like with any lifestyle change, if the change in behavior is all work and no Joy, there’s a good chance of going back unhealthy patterns. Make new friends, be kind to yourself and toast your growth journey with a glass of Jøyus!


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