Sip Magazine: Jøyus N/A Wine Lets You Be You

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Four Questions (Plus one) for Jessica Selander, Founder and CEO of Jøyus Non-Alcoholic Wines

Many people like wine for many different reasons. Sure, there’s the buzz. But there’s also the pop of the cork, the fizz of the rosé, the aroma, the pairing notes, the bottle and label and the presentation. There’s also just something adult about a glass of wine. A sense, like the grape, that you’ve matured to a certain dignified state.

But what if you’re no longer a drinker? How can you fit in amongst wine sippers? Enter: the sober- and woman-owned wine company, Jøyus. For $24.99 wine lovers can get everything they’ve always wanted from the beverage, besides the alcoholic buzz.

Truly, Jøyus is a product worth having if you’re expecting a crowd or throwing a fancy event where some sober guests don’t want Pepsi swirling in their flute. And to get a sense of Seattle-based Jøyus, we tracked down the company’s founder, Jessica Selander, to find out where the idea came from and what’s next for Jøyus.

Read the full article by Jake Uitti at Sip Magazine here. LINK