PureWow: The 11 Best Non-Alcoholic Wines of 2022, Taste-Tested

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Alcohol-free, dealcoholized and zero ABV (or less than 0.5 percent ABV) are popping up everywhere—often credited to the rise in the Dry January/sober curious movement—but one question lingers: Are they any good? Why should you drop $10 or more on a bottle, instead of say, a half-gallon of iced tea or that sparkling grape juice your grandparents gave you at holiday parties when you were seven? We taste-tested 22 of the top bottles on the market to bring you the best non-alcoholic wines for every palate. (Oh, and our rec, if you’re not sure where to start: Opt for a sparkling rosé—across the board, they’re the closest match to the real deal.)




Joyus Non-Alcoholic Rosé

  • Value: 17/20
  • Quality: 19/20
  • Flavor: 19/20
  • Aroma: 18/20
  • Finish: 19/20

TOTAL: 92/100

When you’re lounging by the pool (or want to summon summer when you’re on the couch in the dead of winter), this non-alcoholic rosé makes for a great drink. The watermelon and peach notes come through, but it never tastes saccharine or syrupy. If you’re not sure what kind of wine someone might like—if they were drinking, that is—this is a safe option, since it’s pretty mellow all around. (The brand’s sparkling variety was barely edged out by Studio, so it’s another solid pick too.)

Is It Alcohol-Removed or Alcohol-Free? Alcohol-Removed


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