Words from our Founder: Celebrating 17 years of sobriety

 Today I’m celebrating 17 years of sobriety. And I want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone that’s supported this journey. Everyone that’s supported me and supported Jøyus.


I started Jøyus because I know just how hard being sober can be. For over a decade, I popped Martinelli’s at every life celebration and honestly, celebrating with apple juice just didn’t feel very special. I wanted to be able to participate with my friends and not feel so left out. I wanted a non-alcoholic wine, premium in every way, that looked, smelled and tasted like real wine—something that didn’t exist.

But Jøyus is not just a beverage company. Our true mission, and the reason we're here, is to normalize non-drinking. 

Being sober is hard. It’s harder than it should be or could be. Quitting alcohol or not drinking (even for a night or a glass) isn’t supported in our culture. But we can change that! We ARE changing that together. This movement has grown in ways and at speeds I never could have imagined. If feels like every week is different from the last and I am ALL here for it! 

Being sober has given me a life beyond my wildest dreams. It’s given me a supportive spouse, two of the raddest kids on the planet, amazing friends and the best bestie that’s ever been given the title. It’s given me a company that’s revolutionizing the wine industry, breaking down barriers and changing culture every day. 

I am blessed beyond words and I wouldn’t be here if I was drinking. 

So thank you for your support. Thank you for doing this with me.

Living life, happy, Jøyus and free.