Jøyus Sparkling Wine one of VinePair's 10 Best Non-Alcoholic Wines for 2024

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New Year’s Day has come and passed, and for some resolution-makers, the month that follows is a booze-free one. And when it comes to Dry January, some are more strict than others. While some participants abstain from booze altogether, others opt for low-ABV options or indulge only on weekends.

If you’re embracing temperance, you might be in search of some booze-free substitutes. And while the non-alcoholic beer and spirits categories have been churning out solid options for years, the non-alcoholic wine space is relatively new. Some producers stick to traditional methods and use only dealcoholized wine, while others incorporate interesting botanical blends that bring more floral and herbaceous notes to the final product.

Whether you seek a hearty red to warm you this winter, a ripe rosé for your summer poolside cravings, or a funky sparkling to appease your penchant for pét-nats, there’s a non-alcoholic wine that fits the bill out there. 

Jøyus Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

Jøyus NA White Sparkling
Jøyus is a woman-owned, Seattle-based company that aims to help those on their sober journeys capture the feeling of opening a celebratory bottle without the booze. A far cry from your typical sparkling cider, this wine has refreshing notes of ripe peaches, golden apple, and melon. The fine bubbles help lift up these flavors, as well as deliver the joy of popping your favorite Champagne.


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