How to Foster Connection at Sober Easter Gatherings

Easter is a time of renewal, joy, and gathering with loved ones. For those choosing a sober lifestyle, it offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate in a healthy, inclusive, and mindful manner. At Jøyus, we believe that every moment of celebration can be rich and fulfilling without alcohol. Here’s our guide to making your Easter celebrations joyful and inclusive, focusing on connection, tradition, and the beauty of spring.

1. Embrace New Traditions

Easter is rich with traditions, from egg hunts to sunrise services. This year, consider adding new, sober traditions to your celebration. Host a non-alcoholic brunch featuring spring-inspired dishes. Our Rosé pairs beautifully with Sunday brunch classics.

2. Focus on Connection

Holidays are a wonderful time to deepen connections with friends and family. Plan activities that encourage interaction and laughter. Decorating Easter eggs or creating floral arrangements for your Easter table can be great group crafts. Doing activities together not only fosters a sense of togetherness but also allow everyone—regardless of their drinking preferences—to fully participate.

Family around table decorating Easter eggs

3. Explore the Great Outdoors

Easter falls in a beautiful season! Embrace the opportunity to spend time outdoors, enjoying the new life that Springtime brings. Organize a family hike, a picnic in the park, or a backyard game fest. Not only does this celebrate the season, but being in nature is healthy for your mind and soul.

4. Reflect and Share

Easter is a time of reflection and gratitude. Incorporate a moment in your celebration for everyone to share something they’re grateful for or a hope for the season. This can be a powerful way to connect with others.

Four friends sit around a table and cheer with non-alcoholic mocktails

5. Supportive Environment

Create a supportive environment for those who choose not to drink or are in recovery. Make it known that your Easter celebration is sober-friendly and that everybody’s choice to abstain is respected and valued. This can make a significant difference in the comfort and enjoyment of your guests.

6. Non-Alcoholic Easter Basket

For a thoughtful touch, prepare non-alcoholic Easter gift baskets filled with treats, fun or unique spring items, and a bottle of Joyus non-alcoholic wine. This personalized gesture can show your guests that celebrations can be both joyful and alcohol-free.

A woven Easter basket full of handmade baked goods and self-care products


At Jøyus, we’re passionate about providing high-quality, delicious alternatives that everyone can enjoy! This Easter, we invite you to explore new traditions, focus on connection, and celebrate the season in a way that feels authentic to you and inclusive to others. Here’s to a joyful, sober Easter celebration!