Celebrating Earth Day Every Day: Our Sustainability mission at Jøyus

At Jøyus non-alcoholic wines we don’t just celebrate Earth Day once a year—especially because we live on this planet every day! We strive for sustainability in every aspect of our operations. It's one of our core values! 

A Toast to Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability starts with the very essence of what we create: non-alcoholic wines with the complexity and nuance of traditional wine, just with the alcohol removed. But our dedication doesn’t end at the wine itself. Every bottle of Jøyus is a testament to our earth-friendly ethos, crafted with recyclable glass and eco-friendly paper labels, and sealed with natural cork, a renewable resource that adds to the aesthetic and experience of our wines. 


Weathering the Challenges: Sustainable Shipping Practices

One of the unique challenges we face, especially in colder months, is the risk of our bottles freezing during shipping. Instead of resorting to less sustainable packaging that would increase our carbon footprint, we’ve innovated sustainable shipping solutions. We utilize eco-friendly insulation and compostable packing materials that ensure our wines reach you in perfect condition without compromising our planet. This approach not only reflects our commitment to sustainability but also our dedication to delivering the highest quality product to our customers.

Four Joyus Non-Alcoholic Wine bottles wrapped in tissue paper and packed inside of a corrugated box lined with environmentally friendly insulation


Supporting Our Local Communities

At Jøyus, we believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting our local community. Wherever possible, we source our ingredients and materials from local companies, keeping jobs here in the USA, reducing transportation emissions and supporting our local economies. This not only helps in minimizing our carbon footprint but also ensures that every sip of Jøyus wine carries with it a care and respect for the environment.

Join Us in Our Green Journey

As we celebrate Earth Day, we invite you to join us in making choices that are kinder to our planet. Whether it’s choosing sustainable products, supporting eco-friendly businesses, or opting for a non-alcoholic lifestyle, every action counts.

Let’s raise our glasses to a future where every day is Earth Day, and every choice we make celebrates and preserves the beauty of our planet—one sip at a time.