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Meet the non-alcoholic wine winning wine awards.

Try our award winning wine

"..one of my favorites in the zero-proof space."


"Soft and floral character with pear and stone fruit flavours.
Dry, complex finish."

IWSC Wine Judges

"..these non-alcoholic wines really taste like wine. I tried both of them and as someone who considers themselves to be a wine-o, I couldn’t tell you the difference.

Seattle Refined

Jøyus is for Everyone.

Drinking is social. It's cultural. I created Jøyus non-alcoholic wines so everyone could participate in the joy of life's special moments.

Jess Selander | Founder

Sober Summer is here!

Sober Summer Tips

Sober? Sober Curious? Taking a little break? Pregnant? Dieting? Whatevering?

Maybe you’re taking a break from alcohol for a night, 9 months, or the rest of your life. We've got your back. Jøyus is the first non-alcoholic wine created by people that truly and deeply know what it's like not to drink. Our founder has over 17 years of experience sipping on soda at baby showers, pounding La Croix at girls’ night, and popping sparkling apple juice to celebrate like a 6 year old. She created Jøyus so adults everywhere can participate in life's little moments like a grownup.

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What is this wizardry?

How do you even make non-alcoholic wine? Well, first you take "real" wine, then you remove the alcohol so it can become "dealcoholized wine." We work with the best wine experts, then utilizing the latest and best technology, we gently remove the alcohol while preserving the delicate flavors of the wine.

Made by people that don't drink.

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